Parking for people with disabilities

People with disabilities face many issues when it comes to accessing parking spaces reserved for their exclusive use. Working towards a more inclusive society and taking advantage of Internet of Things technologies we designed and developed DisAssist, a system that assists people with disabilities in finding currently vacant spots and even reserving a spot. The user authentication methods (through mobile or M2M) along with the automated monitoring of space occupancy help to reduce illegitimate parking at these precious spots.

Indicative Publications
(1) L.Lambrinos and A.Dosis, “Applying Mobile and Internet of Things Technologies in Managing Parking Spaces for People with Disabilities”, (poster) in UBICOMP Conference, Zurich, Sept. 2013
(2) L.Lambrinos and A.Dosis in GLOBECOM Conference, Atlanta, December 2013:

“DisAssist: An Internet of Things and Mobile Communications platform for Disabled Parking Space Management”

(3) L.Lambrinos, A.Dosis: “DisAssist: An internet of things and mobile communications platform for disabled parking space management” in Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), Atlanta, USA, December 2013