The Next Generation eCall Deployment

by IoTLab Cyprus




Emergency Calls today and tomorrow…

Traditionally, people use landlines and mobiles to contact 112 and eCall provides an automated mechanism for establishing an emergency call via the mobile network when a vehicle is involved in an accident. ​

The anticipated use of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) on mobile networks will enhance emergency call management with the ability to convey information during call setup and while the call takes place. The Next Generation112 (NG112) concept exploits this to provide vehicle data and location information to the PSAP quickly. Potentially, the voice conversation can be enriched with other media providing emergency units with vital information before even arriving at the incident scene.​



Our OpenPSAP system can be deployed on any operating system platform. It consists of a back office and a graphical user interface which provides two modules: the incident manager that allows an operator to view on-going incident details while being able to receive new calls and forward them to the appropriate emergency service and the map display that shows a map with all the on-going incidents.​



Our IVS module prototype implementation is based on the Intel Edison platform. A GPS sensor provides the latest location of the unit and is complemented by other sensors (e.g. temperature). We use a modified open source VoIP software for initiating the NG112 eCall and providing voice communication between the vehicle and OpenPSAP.​


NG112 with GPS location and additional data

Once the vehicle is involved in an accident the onboard OpenIVS unit initiates and NG112 emergency call (eCall) and transmits all the relevant data to OpenPSAP: time, vehicle location, direction, vehicle type and vehicle ID (VIN).​

The OpenPSAP operator has immediate access to the incident location on the map as well as the additional information provided and can communicate with the vehicle passengers. The immediate communication and information provision saves precious time in emergency unit dispatch!  ​